Wild Wolves We Have Known
Wild Wolves We Have Known

Wild Wolves We Have Known

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Stories of wolf Biologists’ Favorite Wolves

WI’ll Wolves We Have Know 


International Wolf Center


wolves are beyond a doubt, the most thoroughly studied terrestrial carnivore in the world, the subject of hundreds of books and thousands of scientific papers. Space many of these scientific studies have provided researchers with an intimate view of individual wolves lives, but comparatively little has been written on the subject as the studies primarily focus in on the function and performance of wolves on a population level.

Most wolf biologist have encountered hundreds of wild wolves in their careers, tracing the fates of a select handful of individuals. Over the years, these biologist have occasionally shared stories of their favorite wolves with one another, often over drinks at the bar during wolf conferences. Few outsiders have been privy to these stories until now. 

The international wolf center has assembled in this book stories from over 30 wolf biologist from throughout North America and Europe. These tales provide a glimpse into the amazing lives of individual wolves, revealing their unique personalities, highlighting their struggles and triumphs, and illustrating the unique influence, an individual can have on the survival of its pack, and the population to which it belongs.