Hummingbird Tabletop Ceramic Fountain

Hummingbird Tabletop Ceramic Fountain

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Hummingbird Glazed Ceramic tabletop fountain has adjustable speed pump powered by electricity. Adjust the flow with the river washed pebbles (included).

Adjust the flow with the river washed pebbles.


  • Relaxing Hummingbird Indoor Fountain is Approximately 7 Inches Tall and 6 Inches Wide. Adjustable Flow Control Slide Settings.
  • Features an Over the Front Waterfall Cascade, Returning to the Basin. For Best Results, Use Only Distilled Water.
  • Beautiful and Relaxing: Adjust the Flow Control of the Pump to Achieve a Gentle Bubbling Flow. Arrange the River Rocks to Control the Output at the Top.
  • Care and Cleaning: Simple Instructions Included to Maximize the Life of the Quiet, Submersible Pump. Read all Instructions Before Use. Protect Surfaces Before Use.
  • Modern, Muted Artwork Makes this Fountain Fit Any Decor.

 Item Dimensions LxWxH-6x6x7 inches