Honey Bee Hobbyist 2nd Edition

Honey Bee Hobbyist 2nd Edition

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The beginners guide to backyard beekeeping

discover. The secrets of successful hobby be keeping with advice from world renowned a honeybee expert. Dr. Norman Gary shares his extensive beekeeping experience and it’s entertaining an authoritative guide.

Honeybee, hobbyist, second edition, will help you decide whether hobby be keeping is right for you, and will introduce you to all of the equipment, tools, and protective clothing you’ll need to get started.


Dr. Gary teaches you to understand be behavior so you can relax and enjoy working with these amazing creatures. He takes you from the assembling your new hive and stocking out with bees to managing a growing colony and harvesting your honey rewards.


With fascinating color photographs, myth, busting, insights, and never before published tips, this comprehensive hand book is your first step towards an enjoyable and rewarding, lifelong hobby.