Fox Scrunchmal -Animal Scrunchie

Fox Scrunchmal -Animal Scrunchie

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WHAT YOU WILL GET: Fox Scrunchmals FUN DESIGN: Scrunchmal hair bands are not only a fashion accessory on your wrist but also can be a statement piece in any hair type.

REAL ANIMAL FEATURES: Scrunchmals are made to look like real animals-- Notice their amazing features, from their face to their tail.

SHARE WITH OTHERS: Welcome to the Scrunchmal community!

Any Scrunchmal is a fun gift to give a friend, family member or animal lover. Play together. Wear together. Use together.

EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE: Scrunchmal is made with soft, lightweight fabric that is gentle on the hair and comfortable around the wrist.

FASHIONABLE LOOK: You'll love the way Scrunchmals look- They are perfect in a pony tail, pig tails, bun or braid.

SUITABLE FOR ANY OCCASION: Wear Scrunchmal to school, a birthday party, or to the park... you can wear Scrunchmal any day and with any hair style.